Itinerary: 3 Days in Rome

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You are finally booking your dream vacation and have 3 days in Rome; don’t let the panic set in about what you should do and how you should spend your time there. Instead use this guide with some great ideas on how to spread out the amazing sites in Rome into 3 days.

Day 1:

– Visit the Colosseum and Roman Forum in the morning
if you want to enter inside book tickets EARLY, as they are selling out

– Have lunch at a traditional Roman trattoria
Walk at least 5 blocks away from main attractions to find the spots where the locals eat! When you don’t hear any English spoken, you know you’ve found it.

– Explore the historic center of Rome in the afternoon

– Do a Golf Cart Tour to explore the city

– Have dinner at a local restaurant
remember, restaurants don’t usually open until after 7pm, so be sure to have an apertivo beforehand to hold you over.

Day 2:

– Visit the Vatican in the morning and see the Sistine Chapel
Like the Colosseum, book tickets EARLY

– Have lunch at a nearby cafe and some gelato

– Explore the neighborhood of Trastevere in the afternoon

– Have dinner at a traditional Roman pizzeria

Day 3:

– Visit the Pantheon and Piazza Navona in the morning

– Have lunch at a local market, such as Mercato Centrale

– Explore the Villa Borghese gardens in the afternoon

– Have dinner at a local restaurant

Make sure you leave time to just wander and take in the people and your surroundings. Rome has a lot to offer and some more “off-the-beaten-path” ideas that you might want to throw in include:

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