International Travel with Kids

International Travel with Kids

Will there be challenges along the way? Absolutely

Will the kids complain at times that they are tired and don’t want to go to that museum or on the wine tour you planned? Possibly

Will the kids get immersed into a different culture and talk about these trips for years to come and spark in them a love of different cultures and adventure? Very likely

And will you, despite any trials, feel satisfied that you took them on the trip and think to yourself that you would 100% do it again? Yes, Yes, Yes!

Kids in Italy
  • Kids did complain about being tired from walking and making it out to a late-night (typical hour for Italians) dinner proved extremely difficult.
  • My son could be a bit defiant and I recall losing it a bit on him right outside of a restaurant we were about to enter. We quickly scooted away and had to choose another restaurant.
  • We inevitably got lost here and there, which made my anxiety rise, and made it a bit harder to handle the whining of the kids as we retraced our steps to find the correct turn
  • My son bought a children’s book in Italian and would literally walk down the crowded streets of Lucca pretending to read the book with an on-point Italian accent. It was just gibberish, but the level of adorableness was high on that one
  • My daughter got all the “Ciao Bella”s as we walked down the street. Even the cute 20 year old guards at the museums adored her and just had to say Ciao.
  • We went to a soccer game in Lucca and my kids danced and cheered like the game was about them. The one embarrassing moment was when the man next to us cursed in Italian and my son looked at me and said, “hey mom, he just said the think you ALWAYS say!” Guilty…I often swear in Italian so other people don’t know what I’m saying LOL.
  • My kids are now 8 and 6 and we still talk about this trip like it was yesterday and they cannot wait to go back!

How did we make it work and not want to throw in the towel just days in? Well here are a few tips and tricks to use when taking the kids on an International vacation:

International travel with kids

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